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Squirrel 2010 Data Logger--Grant Instruments
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The Squirrel 2010 A powerful portable data logger

•Very easy to use
•Flexible with universal inputs
•Modem / Ethernet connectivity
•USB  / RS232 connectivity


The SQ2010 is very easy to use via its intuitive icon driven display. For most applications a PC will not be required to configure it 每 making it ideal for short projects or out of the office applications.
This rapid set up is achieved via its integral four button operator interface 每 give accurate, reliable results in minutes. It features a large graphical display, provides 0.1% accuracy and boasts good batter life for unattended logging.

The Squirrel 2010 is a versatile general purpose logger with 4 to 8 analogue input channels to measure current, voltage, resistance and temperature; two pulse count or rate inputs and 8 event inputs.  An RS232 port is included, allowing connection to modems and other networking devices.

Key features

•Small, truly portable data logger
•4 to 8 universal analogue inputs (current, voltage, resistance, temperature) plus 8 digital inputs
•16 derived / calculated channels
•2 alarm outputs and 2 pulse counter inputs (1 at 64kHz, 1 at 100Hz)
•Configured via large easy-to-read graphical display
•0.1% accuracy (of reading)
•Store up to 1.8 million readings on the internal memory
•Supplied with SquirrelView set-up / download software

Technical Specifications:

No. of analogue channels 4 differential or 8 single ended inputs
Universal Input

Yes 每 on all analogue channels

Voltage Ranges, Differential
and Single Ended

-6 to 25, -0.6 to 2.4, ㊣0.3V
(see User Feature for more details)

Common mode 25V

Current Ranges, Differential
(Requires external 10R shunt)

4 to 20mA, ㊣30mA

Thermocouple Ranges
(differential and single ended)

-200 to 1200∼C, J-type
-200to 1372∼C, K-type
-200to 1300∼C, N-type
-50 to 1768∼C, R-type
-50 to 1768∼C, S-type
-200 to 400∼C, T-type

Resistance Ranges, all 2-wire

0 to 1250R,
0 to 300000R

Thermistor Ranges

-50 to 150∼C, U & UU-type
-50 to 150∼C, Y-type
-30 to 150∼C, S-type TBC

Pt100/1000, 2-wire

-200 to 850∼C

Internal reference temperature

-50 to 150∼C

Pulse Count Ranges

0 to 100Hz (1 input)
0 to 64kHz (1 input)
0 to 16000000Count

Digital State / Event Ranges

00000000 to 11111111 State
0 to 255 Digital

Digital / Alarm Outputs 2 open drain FETs, 18V, 0.1A
Analogue to Digital Resolution

24 bit (but only 18-20bits used)


0.10% of readings + 0.1 of range

Clock Resolution/Accuracy

1s / 10ppm

Sampling Rates

Normal Mode 每 each input sampled at a maximum rate of 1
reading per second. Double-speed (mains reject off) 每 one
input can be sampled at 10 readings per second and all others
are sampled at a maximum rate of 1 reading per second
See FD3.1, Scanning & Scheduling for more info.

No of Intervals 4
Data Scaling Yes
Data Statistics In Host Analysis
Calculated Channels Up to 16
Memory Internal

16Mb (1 to 1.8 million readings)

Display / Keypad

128 by 64 dot graphical display, 4 button keypad navigation

Internal Battery 2 C type cells
External Power 8 to 28V DC and via USB when connected
Sensor Power Output

5V at 50mA, external 8-28V at 100mA (when connected)


Via RS232 to Ethernet converter

Modem Support

Via RS232 modem

Actions & Triggers

Yes with two alarm outputs

PC Setup Via SquirrelView
Front Panel Setup

All essential functionality available via in built key pad e.g.
channel configuration, start / stop logging etc. All other
advanced functions e.g. calculated channels and channel
descriptions available via SquirrelView.

Stored setups 6
Host Communications SquirrelView via USB / PC connection
Operating temp

-20 to 65 degrees C

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