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ET1202Infrared Photometric Oil Analyzer--SH.Euro-Tech
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According to Beer-Lambert Law,all kinds of oil in water should be extracted by C2CL4,and then measured respectively by three wavelengths i.e.3030、2960、2930cm-1,by comparing the absorbance with that from a seriesof stanards,the concentration of oil in can be calculated. ET1202 meet the current national standard:  * HJ 637-2018  and  * GB18483-2001


#Stable signal、Fast response time、Long life
#Good Repeatability, Accuracy no more than ±2%
#Zero set for multiple measurements         
#Absorbance drift less than 0.005AU/30min
#Built-in 10 standard curve calibration function
#Double analysis system for C2CL4 and CCL4
#8 inch LCD display、USB2.0 interface 
#Rapid calibration function
#Sample info input、Storage、Scanning analysis
#Measurement、Calibration、Data statistics and Export printing
As a special instrument for adopting the infrared oil measurement method formulated by the ministry of environmental protection, ET1202 canbe used to measure petroleum、animal and vegetable oils in surface water、groundwater、municipal waste water and  industrial waste water. It can also be used to measure the concentration of oil smoke in the catering industry. The results are comparable.
As a typical infrared spectrophotometer, ET1202 can be used to scan and analyze the strcture and concentration of organic substance.
C2CL4 is recommended as  solvents and extraction, other organic solvents that proven qualified also be available.  
Environment Protection  Hydrology Surface Water  Pretrochemcial、Oil field
Harbor、Mining         Machinery、Electronics   Drinking Water、Waster Water
CDC、Public Health、College 
Windows-based operation foftware
Semi-automatic L - L Extractor
Refined C2CL4 Reagent
Quartz colorimeter with 2 sizes

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