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ET1302 Handheld Ballast Water Checker--EURO TECH
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ET1302 Handheld Ballast Water Checker is designed to give repeatable and reliable results within its measuring range in shipboard or field applications. It is splash proof, no warm-up required, AAA size battery operated, not affected by ambient light and easy to use. It is a non-destructive test for the viability measurement of phytoplankton.  By using common 10 X 10mm measuring cuvette, accurate reading can be obtained without matching.
Working principle
Based on well-known PAM fluorescence technology measuring abundance of chlorophyll a, it is a well-accepted indicative analysis technique used in American and European countries. Highly correlated with detailed microscopic analysis. 
IMO will soon implement the International Convention the Control and Management of Ship’s Ballast Water and Sediments 2004. Ship operators are required to install Ballast Water Management System and in compliance with the IMO D2 discharge standard. Our ET1302 is the first Chinese made rapid indicative compliance check portable instrument. It is a very powerful screening tool for ship owners, compliance officers, ship builders and BWM system providers. 
Indicator for fast analysis


* Most BWMS filtered organisms >50um, we measure phytoplankton between 10-50um.

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