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Fast Response COD Analysis System--SH.Euro-Tech
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In this procedure, the sample is heated for 15 minutes with a strong oxidizing agent, potassium dichromate. Oxidizable organic compounds react, reducing the dichromate ion (Cr2O72¨C) to green chromic ion (Cr3+). When the 15¨C150 mg/L colorimetric method is used, the amount of Cr6+ remaining is determined. When the 100¨C1000 mg/L colorimetric method is used, the amount of Cr3+ produced is determined. Test results for the 15 to 150 mg/L range are measured at 420 nm. Test results for the 100 to 1000 mg/L COD range are measured at 610 nm.


Add 2.00 ml of sample to the vial ¡ú Heat the vials for 15 minutes ¡ú Select the program and read the results

ET3150B Multi-function Reactor

¡ôFor COD(165¡æ) and TP/TN(105¡æ)
¡ôCapacity: 24 16¡Á100mm
¡ôWarm-up Time: 20minutes
¡ôWeight: 3.5kg
¡ôDimension: 340¡Á245¡Á115mm
¡ôPower Requirements: 220¡À22V, 50Hz, 300W
¡ôAmbient Operating Temperature: 0 to 50 ¡æ
¡ôTemperature Stability: ¡À1¡æ
¡ôAccuracy: ¡À1¡æ
¡ôTimer: 1-1680 minutes(31 hours) with audible alarm and automatic
¡ôRange Adjustment: 105-165¡À1¡æ, shortcuts for 105¡æ and 150¡æ
¡ôWith transparent protective lid
¡ôAuto shutdown at end of run

ET1151M Spectrophotometer

The ET1151M spectrophotometer is a microprocessor-controlled, LED-sourced filter photometer suitable for colorimetric testing in the laboratory or the field. The instrument is precalibrated for COD, TP and TN measurements and includes convenient calibration capability for user-entered methods.

¡ôWavelength Range: 420nm, 610nm
¡ôWavelength Accuracy: ¡À3nm
¡ôWavelength Selection: Automatic
¡ôAccuracy: ¡À8%
¡ôReproducibility: ¡Ü3%
¡ôStability: <0.005A (20 minutes)
¡ôReadout Modes: % Transmittance, Absorbance, Concentration
¡ôSource Lamp: Light Emitting Diode (LED)

Principle for TN:
An alkaline persulfate digestion converts all forms of nitrogen to nitrate. Nitrate then reacts with chromotropic acid under strongly acidic conditions to form a yellow complex with an absorbance maximum at 420 nm.

Principle for TP:
Phosphates are converted to orthophosphates by heating with acid and persulfate. Orthophosphate reacts with molybdate in an acid medium to produce a mixed phosphate/molybdate complex. Ascorbic acid then reduces the complex, giving an intense molybdenum blue color. Test results are measured at 610 nm.


¡ôAdd the sample to the packaged reagent directly.
¡ôUse the digest vial to test, which simplifies the process.
¡ôThe operation is safe, efficient and convenient.
¡ôWe also support bottled reagent.

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