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ET1500 Toxicity Analyzer--SH.Euro-Tech
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A high performance, easy to use, very reliable and cost-effective device that is ideal for both lab setting and outdoor use. Reliable results are clearly shown on the graphic display and can be stored for further analysis. A free software is provided for downloading data to a PC.The test is based on using luminous bacteria as very sensitive and accurate biosensors. The operation principle is simple – changes in the level of bioluminescence indicate potential toxicity.


The tests can be performed either in the lab or on site and can be used by water companies, health and environmental supervising authorities, municipal water system authorities, hospitals, military units, private well owners, lake, stream and river monitoring agencies etc.


Toxicants of different characteristics exert a dramatic and measurable effect on the bacterial luminescence system. By comparing the luminescence level obtained in a suspected toxic sample with that obtained in a clean water-control sample after a short period of incubation, one can detect very low concentrations of a broad range of toxicants.


#Dynamic Range - Dynamic Range: more than 6 decades
#Tube Format - Φ12mm , 47-75mm height Φ15mm , 47-75mm height
#Interface - RS232C interface for data transfer to a PC
#Measurement Time - Selectable from 0 to 99sec with 1sec steps
#Data Storage - Storage for the last 2000 results
#Recommended operating temperature - 15 to 40°C
#Display - Graphic display by backlit LCD
#Power Supply - 220v 50Hz, 35W
#Batteries -3.7V 5000mAh
#Humidity - 10 to 90% no condensation
#Dimensions - 320 x 170 x 180mm (WxDxH)
#Weight - Approx 2kg net


#Sensitive - sub-ppm detection levels
#Sensitive for many chemical contaminants
#Chinese interface -friendly & Robust
#Discriminatory - preliminary discrimination between
#organic toxicants and cationic heavy metals
#Fast - results are obtained in several minutes
#Performed either in the lab or on site
#Adaptable - Without strict environmental conditions
#Long - term - stored Freeze-dried bacteria


The higher sensitivity of the test to diverse groups of toxicants with comparison to other bioluminescence based tests is due to the selection of a highly sensitive variant of Photobacterium leiognathi, an improvement of its lyophilization procedure and the selection of special assay conditions. Two assay buffers were developed, one which favors the detection of cationic heavy metals and metalloids (Pro-Metal Buffer), and the other favors the detection of organic contaminants (Pro- Organic Buffer). When tested concurrently, the buffers are generally able to discriminate between the presence of organic and metal agents at sub mg/L concentrations. The test offers sensitivity for many chemical contaminants, rapid results, added flexibility due to reagent work week-long utilization, and wider temperature tolerance.


#Stoppered vials holding freeze-dried luminous bacteria
#Storage Buffer
#Empty test tubes
#Positive control concentrated solutions: copper chloride and sodium chloroacetate
#Pro-Metal concentrated Assay Buffer
#Pro-Organic concentrated Assay Buffer



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