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GT250EGrid Tie Inverter--XANTREX
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The Xantrex GT250E Grid Tie Inverter is based on a reliable platform that is used in grid-connected photovoltaic and wind turbine applications in North America and Europe. Easy to install and operate, the GT250E automates startup and shutdown. It incorporates advanced Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology to maximize the energy harvested from a PV array. To minimize power losses during the conversion process, the inverter¡¯s switching technology uses insulated gate bi-polar transistors. Multiple inverters can be paralleled for large power installations. Designed for European PV installations, the GT250E is compliant to applicable European directives.

-Digital Signal Processor (DSP) based controls with self-diagnostics
-LCD display with keypad for display of operating status and for access of user-changeable settings
-Inverter shut-off and disconnects
-Over- and under-voltage and frequency protection, shutting down the inverter
-Anti-islanding protection prevents back-feeding inverter generated power to the grid
-in the event of a utility outage
-User definable power tracking allows the user to match the inverter to the array, as well as to adjust delay periods to customize system shutdown sequences
-Isolation protection
-DC and AC over voltage protection
-Graphical user interface software for real time communications, monitoring, and control

-Remote monitoring and fault notification via telephone modem or web server
-Data acquisition and logging
-Warranty extensions

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