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ET1200 Infrared Photometric Oil Analyzer--SH.Euro-Tech
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As a special analyzer for measuring oil in water,ET1200 can be used to measure petroleum, animal and vegetable oils in surface water,groundwater, municipal waste water and industrial waste water.It can also be used to measure soot in the air.

It can be used in the following industries:Environmental monitoring stations, petrochemical industry,oil field,water treatment plants, machinery, mining, mining,electronics and harbor.

As a universal infrared spectrophotometer, it can be used to scan and analyze the strcture and concentration of organic substance.

According to the current national standard method (GB/T16488-1996), all kinds of oil in water should be extracted by CCL,and then measured respectively be hree wavelengths i.e.3030,2960 and 2930cm.By comparing the absorbance with that from a series of standards, the concentration of lil in water can be calculated.

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