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Dynamic Signal Analyzer--SRS
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  • DC to 102.4 kHz bandwidth
  • 90 dB dynamic range
  • 145 dB dynamic range in swept-sine mode
  • Order tracking
  • 20-pole/20-zero curve fitting
  • Real-time octave analysis
  • Up to 32 Mbyte memory
  • GPIB and RS-232 interfaces

    Instrument Modes
    FFT, Time/Histogram, Correlation, Octave, Swept-Sine, Order Tracking

    Frequency Domain Measurements
    Frequency Response, Linear Spectrum, Cross Spectrum, Power Spectrum, Coherence, Power Spectral Density

    Time Domain Measurements
    Time Record, Cross-Correlation, Auto-Correlation, Orbit

    Amplitude Domain Measurements
    Histogram, PDF, CDF

    FFT Resolution
    100, 200, 400, 800 lines

    Linear Magnitude, Log Magnitude, dB Magnitude, Magnitude Squared, Real Part, Imaginary Part, Phase, Unwrapped Phase, Nichols, Nyquist, Polar

    V, V2, V2/Hz, V/¡ÌHz, meters, meters/s, meters/s2,
    inches, inches/s, inches/s2, mils, g, kg, lbs., N, dynes, pascals, bars, SPL, user-defined engineering units (EUs)

    Single, Dual, Front/Back Overlay, Waterfall with Skew, Zoom and Pan, Grid On/Off

    Marker Functions
    Trace Marker, Dual-Trace Linked Marker, Absolute and Relative Marker, Peak Find, Harmonic Marker, Band and Sideband Marker, Waterfall Marker, Frequency-Damping Marker

    RMS, Vector, Peak Hold, Linear, Exponential, Equal Confidence (Octave), Preview Time Record, Percent Overlap Averaging, Overload Reject

    Continuous, Internal, External (Analog or TTL), Source, Auto/Manual Arming, GPIB, RPM Step, Time Step, Pre/Post Trigger Delay

    Source Outputs
    Sine, Two-Tone, Swept-Sine, White/Pink Noise, Burst Noise, Chirp, Burst Chirp, and Arbitrary

    Hanning, Blackman-Harris, Flat-Top, Kaiser, Force/Exponential, User-Defined, +/-T/2, +/-T/4, T/2, Uniform

    User Math
    +, -, ¡Á, /, Conjugate, Magnitude/Phase, Real/Imaginary, Sqrt, FFT, Inverse FFT, j¦¸, Log, Exp, d/dx, Group Delay, A-, B-, C-Weighting, x/x-1, Trace 1 to 4, Vector Average, RMS Average, Peak Hold

    Harmonic, Band, Sideband, THD, THD + N, Limit Test with Pass/Fail, Data Table, Exceedance, Statistics, Curve Fit and Synthesis

    Time Capture
    Captures time data for later analysis (FFT or Octave). Up to 2 Msamples (8 Msamples optional) of data can be saved.

    3.5", 1.44 Mbyte DOS formatted disk. Save data, setups and hard copy data.

    Hard Copy and Interfaces
    Print to Dot Matrix or PCL (LaserJet and DeskJet) printers. Plot to HP-GL or Postscript plotters. Print/Plot on-line (RS-232 serial, Centronics parallel or IEEE-488.2) or to disk file. EPS, GIF, PCX graphic formats also available for disk storage.

    Data Conversion Utility
    Data, waterfall and capture files can be converted to ASCII. Data files can also be converted to Universal File Format, SDF format or MATLAB MAT-File Format. SDF and SR780 files can be converted to SR785 format.

    Windows based graphics program for viewing SR785 files. Graphs can be pasted to the clipboard or saved in PCX, BMP or GIF.

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