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Ethernet remote access router with integrated PSTN modem--WESTERMO
     Product Information
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The ED-210 is an industrial Ethernet router designed to allow remote connections to sites using the integral PSTN modem, or to allow sites to be directly connected to each other using an analogue circuit. The modem can provide connection rates up to 33.6 kbit/s, however data compression can increase the data throughput. A 4 port managed switch allows several industrial units (PLCs, HMIs or drives) to be connected locally.

Using a PSTN dial back solution for remote access provides an incredibly secure solution avoiding using the Internet for access. A simple port level IP firewall allows unwanted traffic to be filtered which can add to security, but can also ensure that unwanted traffic is not passed through the low bandwidth modem connection.

The modem is equipped with transient protection on the line side and a “watchdog” that monitors and automatically resets the modem in the event of a fault; a critical function on unmanned sites. The wide power range, galvanic isolation on all ports and compact design make it ideal for easy installation in industrial applications.

Only industrial grade components are used which gives the ED-210 an MTBF of 558,000 hours and ensures a long service life. A wide operating temperature range of –25 to +65°C (–13 to +149°F) can be achieved with no moving parts. The ED-210 has been tested both by Westermo and external test houses to meet many EMC, isolation, vibration and shock standards, all to the highest levels suitable for heavy industrial environments and rail trackside applications.



Product description
Status Active
Article number 3609-5001
Ports 1 x 2 position detachable screw terminal, Leased Line
1 x RJ-11C, 600 bit/s to 33.6 kbit/s, PSTN
4 x RJ-45, 10 Mbit/s, 100 Mbit/s, Ethernet TX
Description Ethernet Router
Warranty period 5 Years
Standard compliance
PSTN ETSI TS103 021-1, ETSI TS103 021-2, ETSI TS103 021-3
Reliability prediction
Service life, operating Operating, 10 year
EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility)
EN 61000-6-2 Immunity industrial environments
EN 55024 Immunity IT equipment
EN 61000-6-4 Emission industrial environments
FCC part 15 Class A
EN 50121-4 Railway signalling and telecommunications apparatus
IEC 62236-4 Railway signalling and telecommunications apparatus
EMC specifications
EN 61000-4-2, ESD Enclosure contact, ± 6 kV
Enclosure air, ± 8 kV
IEC 61000-4-3, RF field AM modulated Enclosure, 10 V/m 80% AM (1 kHz), 80 – 1 000 MHz
ENV 50204, RF field 900 MHz Enclosure, 20 V/m pulse modulated 200 Hz, 900 ± 5 MHz
EN 61000-4-4, fast transients Signal ports, ± 2 kV
Power ports, ± 2 kV
EN 61000-4-5, surge Signal ports unbalanced, ± 2 kV line to earth, ± 2 kV line to line
Signal ports balanced, ± 2 kV line to earth, ± 1 kV line to line
Power ports, ± 2 kV line to earth, ± 2 kV line to line
EN 61000-4-6, conducted RF immunity Signal ports, 10 V 80% AM (1 kHz), 0.15 – 80 MHz
Power ports, 10 V 80% AM (1 kHz), 0.15 – 80 MHz
EN 61000-4-8, power frequency magnetic field Enclosure, 100 A/m, 50 Hz, 16.7 Hz & 0 Hz
EN 61000-4-9, pulsed magnetic field Enclosure, 300 A/m, 6.4 / 16 μs pulse
EN 61000-4-11, Voltage dips and interruption AC power ports:
10 & 5 000 ms, interruption
10 & 500 ms, 30% reduction
100 & 1 000 ms, 60% reduction
EN 61000-4-16, Mains freq. 50 Hz Signal ports, 100 V 50 Hz line to earth
SS 436 15 03, Mains freq. 50 Hz Signal ports, 250 V 50 Hz line to line
EN 61000-4-29, voltage dips and interruption DC power ports:
10 & 100 ms, interruption
10 ms, 30% reduction
10 ms, 60% reduction
+20% above & –20% below rated voltage
EN 55022, radiated RF emission Enclosure, class A
FCC part 15, radiated RF emission Enclosure, class A
EN 55022, conducted emission AC power ports, class A
DC power ports, class A
FCC part 15, conducted emission AC power ports, class A
EN 60950-1, dielectric strength Signal port to other isolated ports, 2 kVrms 50 Hz 1 min
Power port to other isolated ports, 3 kVrms 50 Hz 1 min, 2 kVrms 50 Hz 1 min (@ rated power <60 V)
Temperature, operating -25 to +65ºC (–13 to +149°F)
Temperature, storage -25 to +70ºC (–13 to +158°F)
Humidity, operating 5 to 95% relative humidity
Humidity, storage 5 to 95% relative humidity
Enclosure UL 94, PC / ABS, flammability class V-1
Dimensions (W x H x D) 55 x 100 x 132 mm
Weight 0.3 kg
Degree of protection IP 20
Cooling Convection
Mounting Horizontal on 35 mm DIN-rail
IEC 60068-2-6, vibration Operating:
7.5 mm, 5 – 8 Hz
2 g, 8 – 500 Hz
IEC-60068-2-27, shock Operating, 15 g, 11 ms
Interface specifications, power
Rated voltage 12 to 48 VDC
Operating voltage 10 to 60 VDC
Rated current 370 mA @ 12 VDC
190 mA @ 24 VDC
110 mA @ 48 VDC
Rated frequency DC
Inrush current 1.1 A2s
Startup current 1.1 A
Polarity Reverse polarity protected
Redundant power input Yes
Isolation to Ethernet and PSTN
Connection Detachable screw terminal
Connector size 0.2 – 2.5 mm2 (AWG 24 – 12)
Shielded cable Not required
Interface specifications, 10/100BaseTX
Electrical specification IEEE std 802.3. 2000 Edition
Data rate 10 Mbit/s, 100 Mbit/s, manual or auto. IEEE 802.3 2000 edition.
Duplex Full or half, manual or auto
Transmission range 100 m
Isolation to Power, RS-232 and RS-422
Connection RJ-45
Shielded cable Shielded cable is required if unit is used in harsh environment
Number of ports 4
Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN)
Electrical specification Public Switched Telephone Network
Data rate 600 bit/s to 33.6 kbit/s
Protocol Bell103, Bell212, V.21, V.22, V.22Bis, V.23C, V.32, V.32Bis, V.34
Protection Installation Fault Tolerant (up to ±60 V)
Connection RJ-11C
Shielded cable Not required


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