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Viper, Ultra slim M12 switch platform--WESTERMO
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The Viper is a product family of rugged Ethernet switches designed for applications with severe operating conditions and extreme environments. The Viper meets the EN 50155 standard for electronic equipment used in railway applications. The super slim and extra robust housing is sealed to IP 65 and together with an MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) calculated to more than a 100 years makes these units ideal for situations where mechanical stress, moisture, condensation, dirt or continuous vibrations could adversely affect the function of standard Ethernet switches. This line of products includes two eight-port managed and one unmanaged Ethernet switches with or without ring functionality.
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Our unique FRNT (Fast Recovery of Network Topology) technology on Viper 408 is the fastest protocol on the market to re-configure a large network in the event of any failure of a link or hardware. That is why the Viper-series is used in safety critical applications such as railway systems, tunnels and traffic signal control.
Real-time properties are implemented in order to achieve determinism for real time critical applications. The switches support QoS (Quality of Service) with four priority queues and strict priority scheduling as well as HoL (Head of Line Blocking Prevention). All to ensure that the data network is deterministic.

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