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New Concept with Detachable Printer
Compact Size Recorder with Color Display
  • A B5 book-sized, compact, and handy high-speed recorders
  • 2 analog channels (8807-01) 4 analog channels (8808-01) isolated inputs (with 8 logic)
  • PC card slot, 3-way power supply, and powerful trigger functions
  • Fax/modem communication function (9332)

    Basic specifications
    Measurement ranges 10 mV to 100 V/division, 13 ranges (10 division f.s.), resolution: 1/160 of range, AC voltage for possible measurement/ display using the memory function : 450 V rms
    100 V/division excludes the RMS & memory recorder function
    Frequency characteristic DC to 50 kHz ¡À3 dB
    Time axis
    at memory function
    200 ¦Ìs to 5 minutes/division, 19 settings (1 division =80 samples)
    Measurement functions (1)Memory recorder, (2)Recorder, (3)RMS recorder & memory
    (50/60 Hz or DC only)
    Number of input channels Analog (2 channels standard) + logic (8 channels standard)
    *fixed input section
    Memory capacity 256 k words/ch (using CH1) to 128 k words/ch (using CH1 & CH2)
    Data storage Type II PC card slot (for SRAM cards up to 32 MB, flash ATA cards up to 528 MB)
    Interfaces RS-232C (the optional 9612 RS-232C CABLE is required for connection to PC)
    PC card: Commercially available PC card type fax modem (Please contact HIOKI for information on compatible fax modems)
    (optional, sold separately)
    Detachable printer: 8992 PRINTER UNIT can be connected
    Recording and display 5.7-inch STN color LCD, 112 mm (4.4 in) ¡Á 18 m (59.06 ft), thermal paper roll
    Other functions DMM function (voltage shown as numerals on the display), Scaling, Parameter calculations, Cursor readout, etc.
    Power supply 100 to 240V AC (50/60 Hz) with use the 9418-10 AC ADAPTER (option)
    9447 BATTERY PACK (Continuous use 3 hours) (option)
    LR6 (AA) ¡Á6 (Continuous use 1 hours
    (LR6 batteries cannot be used with 8992 PRINTER UNIT)
    Dimensions, mass 203 mm(7.99 in)W ?170 mm(6.69 in)H ¡Á52 mm(2.05 in)D, 1.2 kg (42.33 oz)
    280 mm(11.02 in)W ?170 mm(6.69 in)H ¡Á52 mm(2.05 in)D, 1.6 kg (56.44 oz) (printer attached)
    Accessories LR6/AA alkaline batteries (6), alkaline battery box (1), shoulder belt (1), Wave viewer software (1)
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