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3541 Resistance HiTESTER--HIOKI
     Product Information
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  • Wide Measurement Range
    0.1 µ次(20 m次 range) to 110.000 M次
  • High Speed & High Precision Measurements
    As fast as 0.6 ms with 70 ppm precision (in the 2 k次 to 110 k次 range)
  • Two Types of Temperature Correction
    Correction by Pt sensor or infrared thermometer
  • Equipped with EXT I/O, GP-IB and RS-232C interfaces
    Easily integrates into automated production lines

    Basic specifications
    Measurement Four-terminal resistance measurement
    0.1?#937;(20 m次 range) to 110.000 M次
    Low power four-terminal resistance measurement
    10?#937;(2 次 range) to 2.00000 k次
    Temperature measurement (Pt) -10.0 to 99.9∼C
    Temperature measurement (analog) 0 to 2V
    Accuracy 70ppm of rdg ㊣15ppm of f.s.(2k次.20k次 range slow 次)
    Functions Temperature correction, temperature conversion,
    self calibration, measurement fault detection,
    overflow detection, offset voltage compensation,
    average, statistical calculation, key lock, save/load,
    comparator, BIN measurement
    Interface GP-IB, RS-232C, EXT-I/O
    Power supply 100 to 240 V, AC 50/60 Hz
    Dimensions, mass Approx. 215 mm(8.46 in)W ℅80 mm (3.15 in)H ℅295 mm(11.61 in)D,
    2.6 kg(91.7 oz)
    Accessories 9287CLIP TYPE LEAD(1), 9451TEMPERATURE PROBE(1),
    Power Cord(1), EXT I/O Male Connector(1)
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