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3460 2D Infrared Imaging Camera--HIOKI
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Affordable, Portable, & High Speed response !! Our HIOKI 3460 from Japan may give you a handy solution for monitoring passengers with high body temperature during rush hours. It can also be mounted on a tripod for automatic, continuous recording & video recording at a single location.

Instantaneous Imaging of 64-Point Temperature Distributions


Affordable, Portable, & High Speed response (0.2 sec.) 2D Infrared Imaging Camera

Imaging of 64-Point Temperature Distributions

The 3460 2D THERMO HiTESTER utilizes the world¡¯s first 64-element thermopile array sensor.

Now you can take simultaneous 2-dimensional radiative temperature measurements and display results in 64 on-screen boxes.

This advanced functionality makes measuring temperature distribution as easy as using a digital camera, and extends the applications for temperature measurement practically without limit.

Instantaneous Measurement of the Temperature Distribution Within the Measurement Area

The 3460 2D THERMO HiTESTER performs 2-dimensional temperature measurement with a newly developed thermopile array sensor* (8 x 8 elements), dividing the measured part of the visual image area into 64 boxes and displaying the temperature with a high-speed response of approximately 0.2 seconds.

Basic functionality for parameters such as temperature measurement accuracy and radiation ratio can be specified with the same convenience as for thermography (measurement wavelength 8 to 16 um, comparable to non-cooled thermography, but at about 1/10 the cost of thermography.

*Thermopile array sensor: A device that miniaturizes and arranges multiple infrared sensors (thermopiles), each of which contains multiple thermocouples connected in series.

Measurement Data Recorded on a Compact Flash Card and Edited on a Personal Computer

A Compact Flash Card slot comes standard in the instrument. Measurement data can be recorded and accumulated along with image data on this convenient storage media, making it possible to simultaneously record an image in JPEG format and measurement data in CSV format. Data can be easily viewed and edited on a personal computer or PDA, without any other special software. (A card adapter is required.)

Video Output Allows You to Make Video Recordings of Temperature Changes

The instrument is small and lightweight, with a 3.8 inch color TFT liquid crystal screen that is easy to see, even outdoors, making it as portable as a digital camera. It also comes with a CMOS camera, which can simultaneously display a temperature image and optical image on the same screen. An NTSC video terminal enables video recording.

Automatic, Continuous Measurement Enables Logging Measurement (Interval Recording)

Automatic, continuous recording at a single location is possible by mounting the 3460 with a tripod screw and utilizing the logging function.

Selectable Screen Modes for Different Scenarios

The 3460 provides three selectable screen display modes: "Visual Image", "64-Point Mosaic Image", and "64-Point Temperature Box Display". Setup, measurement, and recording operation are easy. When a temperature alarm is set up in advance, measurement values flash at locations where there are abnormal temperatures.

2-Dimensional Visualization Improves Work Efficiency

Greatly increased efficiency of temperature distribution measurement allows dramatic improvements in activities such as maintenance, research and development, and quality assurance.

Instantaneous Detection of Temperature Abnormalities

Field of View and Measurement Range of Visual Images

The screen angle of the imaging area is 50 deg 37.5, and the resolution of the temperature measurement area (the screen angle of one measurement box) is 3.1 deg. At a distance of 10 meters, the image range measures 9.3 m x 6.8 m, and the range contained with all 64 temperature measurement boxes is 4.4 m x 4.4 m.

Because the 3460¡¯s two optical axes are parallel, parallax (the displacement between the visual image optical axis and the optical axis of the temperature sensor unit) is independent of the distance from the measurement target, and is 26 mm in the horizontal direction and 0 mm in the vertical direction.

By specifying the measurement object as 0.5mm, 1.0m, or 2.0m or above in the settings, the influence of parallax can almost be completely disregarded


Temperature Measurement

Detection Element Thermopile Array
Measurement Range -50 to 1000 degC
Response Speed 0.2 seconds maximum
Number of Elements 64
Measurement View
3.1" square (55 mm square at 1 m)
Angle for One Element Measurement View Angle
24.8" square (440 mm square at 1 m)
Infrared Wavelength 8 to 16 um
Radiation Ratio Correction
0.1 to 1.00 (steps of 0.01)
Resolution 0.1 degC
Accuracy +/- (10% rdg + 2 degC) (-50 ~ 0.1 degC)
+/- 2.0 degC (0 ~ 200 degC)
+/- 1% rdg (200.1 ~ 1000 degC)
Relative Accuracy 1.5 degC (P-P, 23 degC)

Visual Photography

Detection Element Color CMOS
Frame Time Less than 0.5 seconds
Number of Pixels 300,000 (640 ¡Á 480) (Horizontal 930 mm ¡Á Vertical 680 mm at 1 m)
Image Angle Horizontal 50.0 deg¡Á Vertical 37.5 deg
Smallest Distance 0.5 m (Recommended Distance 1 m)


Display Element Transmission Type Color TFT Liquid Crystal
Size 3.8 Inch
Number of Pixels 76,800 (320 x 240)
Display Colors 65535 Colors (16-Bit)
Backlight Cold Cathode Tube
Temperature Display (Each Element) Box Color Display (Display range and pattern can be chosen.)
Temperature Display (Selection Element) Numerical Display
Parallax Error 26 mm Constant
Optical Axis Displacement 1.15 deg (20 mm at 1 m, excluding parallax)


Display Language English
Temperature Units deg C ( or deg F, option)
Logging Measurement Specified in units of minutes (hh:mm), Maximum length 24:00.
Measurement Data Memory Compact Flash Card (8 to 256 MB)
Storage Format JPEG File (Image Data, 76800 pixels) CSV File (Temperature Value Data)
Image Data Deletion Selective Deletion
Audible Click Yes
Alarm Yes (Buzzer and Display Alarm)
Automatic Power Save Yes
Clock YY/MM/DD hh:mm:ss
Backlight Intensity 3-Level Adjustment or None
Battery Remaining Indicator 3-Level Display

Basic Specifications

Image Output NTSC Video Output
Power Source LR6 (AA) Alkaline Batteries ¡Á 6 AC Adapter (Option)
Rated Power Source Voltage DC 1.5V x 6 (LR6), DC 9V
Maximum Rated Power 13.5 VA
Stand-by Current Less than 2mA
Continuous Operating Time 70 minutes (LCD Intermediate Level, 20 degC)
Operating Temperature and Humidity Range 0 to 40 degC, 35 to 75% RH (No Condensation)
Guaranteed Accuracy Temperature and Humidity Range
23 +/- 5 degC, 35 to 75% RH (No Condensation)
Dimensions and Weight
167 W x 55 H x 123 D mm, About 700 g (Instrument only, with display closed.)
Included Accessories
LR6 (AA) Alkaline Batteries x 6, Shoulder Strap, Compact Flash Card (16MB), User¡¯s Guide
3915 Option Pack (Portable Case, Video Cable, AC Adapter) ,
PC Card (32M, 64M Compact Flash Card and Adapter),
PC Card Adapter ( for Compact Flash Card)


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