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Intellium H2000 Fizeau Interferometer--ESDI
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How it Works

Reference and test beams travel the common path through the optical system of the interferometer. Our simultaneous phase-shifting common-path Fizeau interferometer is accomplished using ESDI¡¯s revolutionary HyperPhase™ Module (patents pending). The module uses three sub-pixel aligned cameras, which are monolithically bonded together with the beam splitting and polarization optics into a rugged package smaller than two stacked deck of cards. The result is a rigid camera system similar to high-end 3-Chip color cameras with lifetime alignment. The advantage of using three cameras is that each of the interferograms retains the true resolution of the camera.


  • Measuring high speed events such as fluid flow and thermodynamics
  • High accuracy measurements using large beam expanders
  • In-situ measurements of machined parts, disks, semiconductor wafers
  • Measurements on production floors in vibration-prone environments
  • Long path measurements across multiple optical elements

Main Features & Benefits

  • Vibration Insensitive
  • Capture events down to 10¦Ìs
  • 1024x768 true resolution
  • Compact 190mm (7.5¡±) x 370mm (14.6¡±) footprint
  • Standard 100mm (4¡±) reference optics
  • Lifetime module alignment guarantee

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